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Do you want your child…

…to be a strong leader?

…to be a productive citizen in the community?

…to take ownership in choices they make in their future?

…to earn and attract the trust from others?

…to have a heart to serve humanity?

…to gain the respect of their peers and the community?

What is developed over time? Character. Daily their character is being tested in ways one could never imagine by the choices they make in life. It’s tested when one is placed under pressure. The right decision will either build up your child or tear them down.

What reveals itself? Character. Character is defined by who one’s core values. It’s easy to go with the flow, but is your child willing to stand alone for what’s right? Poor character will eventually reveal itself.

Vladimir Elie ‎gives six benefits of a strong character

  1. Character attracts trust. People with a strong character are considered trustworthy by others. And when people trust, they let down their guard and open up.
  2. Character gives you influence. This is related to the previous point. It’s far easier to influence someone who trusts you than someone who doesn’t. People with a strong character genuinely seek what’s best for others. Because of this, their influence on others is positive.
  3. Character leverages failures. People with a strong character understand that failures aren’t final; they’re bumps in the road and great learning experiences. Therefore, they’ll strive to extract, from every failure, the gems of lessons learned.
  4. Character maintains successes. When people with a strong character achieve successes, they remain humble. Because they stay grounded, it prevents them from falling from high.
  5. Character sustains in tough times. When the going gets tough, people with a strong character keep going. They continue to do the right thing, even when they don’t feel like it.
  6. Character stands in the face of opposition. People with a stronger character remain true to themselves. They stand for what they believe in and value, even in the face of opposition and adversity.


Develop University:

Character Counts: “It Starts with ME”

(7th & 8th Gentlemen)

Studies have shown that 9th grade has proven itself to be a crucial year for students transitioning from middle school to high school. It’s a very impactful time in life and sets the foundation for planning future goals, making positive choices and building strong character.Develop University has an opportunity for young men in 7th and 8th Grade to develop integrity, responsibility and leadership, by introducing, or re-introducing them to proven character traits and allowing them to nurture, polish and fine tune these traits in a collaborative peer atmosphere.

Develop University:

Midway to Marsh Mentoring (Mᵌ)

(All youth ages 7-17)

Midway to Marsh Mentoring (Mᵌ)  was established to directly impact, enrich and support the young men and women, ages 7-17, within the area of Midway Road and Marsh Lane of Far North Dallas. Develop University has partnered with the Timberglen Recreation Center to host our various mentoring events. Our mentoring events will provide an opportunity for our youth in the community to get off the streets and into the recreation center for intentional character building through a variety of experiences in a safe and fun environment.

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