Become a Volunteer

What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is someone who gives their time and talent by choice, does a good deed, and helps others in the community by working together building relationships.

  • volunteers live longer and are healthier.
  • volunteering establishes strong relationships.
  • volunteering is good for your career.
  • volunteering is good for humanity.
  • volunteering gives you a sense of purpose.

Your Motivations

Think about how much you receive when you give and volunteer your time
Here are just a few of the many possible motivations identified by other volunteers:
  • to feel needed
  • to get to know a community
  • to demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief
  • to gain leadership skills
  • satisfaction from accomplishment
  • to keep busy
  • to donate your professional skills
  • to have an impact
  • to help a friend or relative
  • to find purpose
  • to be challenged
  • to feel proud
  • to help someone
  • to do something different
  • for personal reasons
  • to feel good
  • to be part of a team
  • to be an advocate of change

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